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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 12, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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will not see it. temperatures are getting set to warm up. cooling down at this hour. 69 degrees in pottstown. 72 in wrightstown. it will feel like 91 by 9:00 this morning. by this afternoon that number expected to be closer to 100 degrees. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. things are moving along on the roads. jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> we're in new jersey right now. not a lot of volume to speak of across the board. we're dealing with construction projects because they like to do them in early morning hours when there's not a lot of volume through the area. right around the black horse pike active work zone here taking out the right-hand shoulder. two lanes getting by on the southbound side. only a 12-minute drive time. not a lot of volume to back up
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behind that. and as we head out to schuylkill expressway, 12 minutes. no problems westbound. on sunday, the ben franklin bridge will be closed from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30. >> i'm sure the air conditioners will be cranking in cars today and in people's houses. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in center city for us checking out conditions. how is it feeling out there right now? >> reporter: when you first walk out the door and as many of you wake up will do over the next hour as you go to your car, you'll feel how sticky already. temperatures are in mid 70s right now. there's actually a light breeze. it's comfortable. comfortable is not the word used to describe the weather we'll feel over the next few hours according to bill's forecast. it will get hot and sticky.
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look at video of what we captured yesterday. kids cooling off in yesterday's heat. this was in philadelphia. we do not recommend going the open hydrant route. that's not the safest way. dozens of city pools are now open throughout philadelphia and that's really the best way for kids to cool off over the next few hours and into the weekend. if you're outside of the city you can think about taking your kids to a rec center or library or take them to a park on the early side. coming up in the next half hour we'll show you crews we encountered early this morning, some workers trying to get a jump-start on their work so they don't have to do it in the middle of the day. the heat of the day. we'll show you that in about 30 minutes. reporting live in philadelphia katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> you can prepare for the potential heat wave and the chance for storms this weekend with the nbc 10 news app. download it for free to get severe weather updates right on your smartphone or tablet.
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new from overnight, someone stabbed a man several times. he'ses in crit in critical condition now. this was in south philadelphia. the attack happened just before 4:00 this morning after an argument broke out. in new york the search for those two escaped prison inmates is forcing a school district to shut down for a second straight day. the schools are in an area where dogs may have picked up the inmate's scent yesterday. authorities believe a prison employee was in on the plot to help the prisoners escape. they say joyce mitchell agreed to be the getaway driver but got cold feet and backed out at the last moment. they used power tools to cut through prison walls and pipes. a second man arrested in an alleged boston terror plot is expected to appear in court later this morning. authorities took the suspect into custody in rhode island last night. they say the arrest is connected to usaama rahim of boston.
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terrorism investigators shot and killed him last week. according to investigators, rahim lunged at them with a knife after being questioned about a possible plot to kill police officers. fbi documentation shows that rahim, the suspect and a third man met on a rhode island beach to discuss the plan. it's 5:04. 74 degrees. happening today, a judge will arraign a bucks county teacher accused of kissing a student with the intention of doing more. a teacher is on leave now. he and a 17-year-old girl kissed and talked about sex. they say he also booked a hotel room but detectives stepped in before anything happened. he's being held on sexual assault charges. a camden county fire chief is suspended indefinitely after being charged with possession of child pornography. according to investigators, he stored and distributed child
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pornography from a computer inside the firestation. a homeland security agent monitoring a file sharing network broke the case. officials found 1,000 porngraphic images of video of children on the computer. >> none of us knew. >> he's now being held at $150,000 bail. he has not commented on the allegations. only on nbc 10 this morning, the parents of a student athlete badly injured by a hit-and-run driver are talking about their son now and the man accused of running him down. the victim plays football in salem county. a car hit him early sunday morning while he was riding his skateboard. the car fled the scene. the accused driver of the car turned himself in on monday. he's charged with assault by auto and other offenses. nbc 10 spoke to kyle's parents who updated us on their son's condition. >> he's still very critical.
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still asleep. he wasn't woken up yet. there is movement. there's hope. >> he's in a medically induced coma. we also asked his parents for their thoughts on the accused driver. >> i don't have a comment on that one. >> there's an open investigation and the police department is doing a fine job. >> this t-shirt here with hash tag kyle strong and football jersey number 7 is one of many being worn by people in the community showing support for kyle. legislation that would crackdown on swatting heads to the senate after the assembly passed the bill last night. swatting is when someone makes a 911 call sending s.w.a.t. teams to the home of unsuspecting people. the bill calls for fines up to $150,000, a ten-year prison term
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or both. new jersey lawmakers approved bills to help atlantic city's finance schools and casinos. the assembly approved the bills last night. the most important would let eight casinos make payments on taxes for the next 15 years. other legislation includes creating new state education aid just for atlantic city. the bills head to the senate a little bit later on this month. 5:07 now. more on an update here on the effort to solve a missing person mystery at the jersey shore that began 24 years ago. today is the last day for a mobile command post at cape may county park south. officers started manning this post last week. investigators hoped it would generate new leads in the case of mark himebaugh who vanished in 1991. a convicted pennsylvania sex offender is among several people of interests in the case. police want to hear from anyone
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who may have seen him in cape may county in the late '80s or early '90s. look at him on the screen there. some who new him believe there is a strong resemblance between him and a sketch of a man seen talking to the boy shortly before he disappeared. another cold case that's nine years old could warm up. look at this video showing a suspect in the killing of camacho. they hope the video will jog somebody's memory. he was shot and killed in 2006. police tell us they have no motive but would like to talk to the man seen leaving the store. yesterday his father became emotional as he spoke about the unsolved murder of his son. >> you think about it every day, every second every minute, every hour. it never goes away. >> if you know anything about the case you are urged to call
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camden county police. 5:09. 77 degrees in philadelphia. it's warmer than yesterday. it's also more humid. we're on our way to the hottest day of the year so far. the temperatures will soar into the 90s but at times it will feel like more like 100 degrees. that's this afternoon. temperatures 90s today. the feels-like temperatures will slowly climb and peak in some areas near 100. but some areas will see some thunderstorms. tracking potential for thunderstorms bringing temperatures down a little bit as the day goes on. right now 61 degrees in mt. pocono. 73 in trenton and dover is 75 degrees. these numbers this time of year should be in 60s and mountains should be in the 50s. cape may, beach will be the place to be in the low 80s this afternoon for cape may. maybe warmer in town. go inland and temperatures are
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going to take off. clouds are moving through right now but they'll keep on going. look at the clearing north and west. like yesterday lots of hazy sunshine. and then tomorrow it's these clouds that will move in with a better chance of showers and thunderstorms for our area. that keeps temperatures lower tomorrow. today, going the other direction. 93 for reading and allentown. a chance of scattered showers this afternoon. most of the day will be shower free. to the shore, temperatures will stay lower. 83 degrees this afternoon. right along the coastline. cooler over the weekend. a chance of a shower on saturday. not an all-day rainfall. it's going to be a nice weekend at the shore. and it will be nice on sunday too. feeling more comfortable as humidity comes down. wile show you when the rest of the area will get a break from the heat with the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten. a lot of people are probably making shore plans. let's get you to work first. >> we have to get through the work day before we get to the weekend. let's check in with jessica boyington keeping an eye on
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traffic cameras. >> we still have one more day to go. route 1 cars moving along just fine. you can see no problems and almost empty here. southbound toward schuylkill expressway no problems. so you're free and clear. a car fire in holmesburg. no problems on 95 currently. the blue route drive times there you can see cars moving along nicely. 15 minutes. north or southbound from 95 toward schuylkill expressway. more drive times coming up. now hiring. if you are looking for work get your resume ready. we'll tell you where there are hundreds of jobs opening up in our area today. plus a warning to watch your wallet. police released this video of a couple working together to distract and steal. we'll tell you where they are targeting victims and who they are after.
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if you are looking for a job, today is the day to have your resume ready. gloucester premium outlets hosting a job fair. monique braxton is live with a look at positions that need to be filled. monique? >> good morning. hundreds of people who are looking to be part of this exciting economic venture are
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expected to come here in just a few hours in blackwood. they'll open the doors at 7:00 for the job fair in the connector building. 800 positions to fill in management, sales and customer service. recruiters for the day-long job fair ask that job applicants bring hezresumes highlighting retail experience as part of part time and full time positions up for grabs. the outlets open in two months on a 65-acre site between route 42 and the blackwood pike. interviews will take place today between 10:00 and 7:00 at camden county college blackwood campus. connector building is between civic hall and atrium on college drive. again, bring your resume and be ready to interview on the spot. in the past couple hours this morning, i've been looking -- i
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love to shop so you know that. i've been looking at what stores they can expect to open at the outlet. we'll have that for you in the next hour. what stores are opening and what you need to bring and we'll look at some of the job numbers, the employment numbers for this part of camden county. live from blackwood, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. it's 5:16. 74 degrees. time to talk decision 2016. hillary clinton will relaunch her presidential run with what's being billed by her campaign as a major speech in new york tomorrow. the former secretary of state is the front runner for the democratic nomination. her campaign aides say clinton plans to lay out her plans for the country tomorrow and will also call for those who helped the nation emerge from the economic crisis to be rewarded for their sacrifices and clinton is up against three others for the democratic presidential nomination. you see them on your screen. on the republican side of the race, jeb bush is gearing up for a formal announcement on monday. he's expected to officially
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enter the race for the white house wrapping up a trip to europe. he was in poland yesterday. and he's going to have a lot of competition. look at this cast of candidates here. so far ten republicans have declared that they are running for the gop nomination. if you pay full cost for coverage under pennsylvania's child health insurance plan or c.h.i.p., you'll get a break. families will not face tax penalties this year thanks to the new federal health care law. the governor says changes to benefits meet federal coverage rules and also the thousands of families with coverage will see no increase in their premiums this year. philadelphia city council members approved a lease between philadelphia international airport and nearly two dozen airlines. the council voted to include raises to $12 an hour for baggage handlers and other workers. you may remember when union workers went on strike twice to fight for a wage increase.
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the increase goes into effect july 1st. two suspected serial pickpocketers were caught on this survilleeillance video. this video shows a woman striking up a conversation with a shopper and you see the guy creeping up behind her here working as a team. he's looking for a way to swipe the victim's wallet from her purse. authorities believe this duo is responsible for at least three similar thefts over the past couple weeks. new jersey lawmakers introduced a new bill to target campus crime. they want crimes reported to state police. the state senate bill comes after campus authorities at some new jersey colleges were accused of mishandling investigations and revealing the names of victims. 5:18 on this friday. i'm guessing traffic is picking up a little bit as people head into work. >> let's hope there's nothing to
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slow you down as you get going. we see a warning traffic behind jessica boyington. >> just a car fire how the in holmesburg. state road is closed so take frankford avenue or 95 if you want to jump on the highway to get by the area. 95 right now volume is light at academy road. we see volume first on 95 here. only about a 14-minute trip. we'll take a swing down 202. look at the drive time. you can see cars moving along nicely. northbound or southbound no problems in or out of the city on area bridges. we'll check in with more drive times in ten. >> sun is coming up in 20 minutes and we'll see hazy sunshine like yesterday. clouds moving through the area.
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you can see them in this live view from center city. 76 degrees. that's five degrees warmer than this hour yesterday and humidity is higher. it will stay elevated during the day. look at the clouds moving through pocono mountains. may see pop-up showers but most of the day it will be dry and into the 80s for the mountains. we're watching the radar screen. dry. only showers to the northeast. those will not be affecting us. first showers of the day for portions of new jersey at noontime. we could get cooling showers and that would help but most of the area will have to wait until later in the day. most of the area not going to see rainfall. that's at 2:00 this afternoon. shower popping up western chester county. those showers fizzle as we head into the late afternoon hours. mainly a hot and humid one. the hottest day of the year so far. the feels-like temperature at 4:00 this afternoon, 98 for mt. holly. 99 in pottstown. middle 90s for philadelphia.
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steamy day. stand by to find a cool place. if you find one, great. temperatures taking off today 92 to 95 this afternoon. 95 is record for this date. we'll get close to it later today. not as hot tomorrow. up to 90. third day in a row of heat. first heat wave of the year. showers move through earlier and still a chance we'll stay in the 80s and we'll watch that closely over the weekend. 80s for sunday. humidity drops. really feel the difference first things on sunday and humidity stays low to start with on monday before the chance of showers returns later in the day. that chance will be around again on tuesday. >> bill thanks. 5:21 now. parking power. >> they're an overwhelming force to be reckoned with. >> that's how people feel about the philadelphia parking authority. ahead in the next half hour a new plan that could expand the ppa's powers past parking tickets. twitter turnover. the experts at cnbc will walk us
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through the change at the top and the end of the 140 character limit on twitter. could it be so?
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we knew this was coming. archbishop and philadelphia mayor will travel to rome later this month. they are leading a delegation of local leaders to finalize plans for the upcoming world meeting of families in september. the group will get updates about
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the event. the mayor and archbishop will meet with vatican officials to finalize plans. you can count on nbc news to bring live reports from vatican city and following that delegation's moves. don't miss live reports beginning june 21st. big news surrounding twitter. good morning. >> good morning. there is a shake-up at twitter. the ceo is stepping down after five years at the helm. the co-founder will return as interim ceo until a replacement is found. he helped take the company public but critics say new products have failed to catch fire with the public. the microblogger is making an
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exception. it's getting rid of 140-character limit for private messages starting next month. public tweets must be short and sweet and it's making improvements to private messages amid competition from facebook. >> hashtag air conditioner today. humidity is high. hazy outside. a chance you'll need your umbrella at some point. right now it's 74 degrees at 5:26. jessica boyington is in first alert traffic center. >> hazy is the perfect word when you look at i-78 at morganhill road. everything moving along fine. we're seeing incidents and i'll tell you about where they are coming up after the break.
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new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis
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the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now. co
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extreme heat and humidity. you can just see it out there. it's hovering over the area. you can count on nbc 10 and the first alert weather team to prepare you for what could be the hottest day of the year so far. looking hazy out there. >> the humidity will hit you
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when you walk out the door. if feels like august. bill, it's muggy to say the least. >> nine days away from the start of summer but it feels like we're already there. humidity is higher and the temperatures are warmer this morning and that's a trend that will continue through the day. there are some clouds that are moving through the pocono mountains and we've seen them in philadelphia. no showers just yet. that's a possibility this afternoon. that would help cool things down if we get them. most of the area just going to see temperatures soar. starting off warm. 70s for wilmington philadelphia and trenton. it's dropped into upper 60s for allentown, reading and pottstown and south jersey and delaware looking at 70s to start with. when you factor in humidity it will feel like 97 degrees in philadelphia by lunchtime. closer to the 100-degree mark in doylestown. standby for a hazy hot and humid day. 84 degrees at 10:00. by 1:00


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